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Emergency Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd, trading as ESA Fire, is an Australian owned and operated fire protection company experienced in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire engineering systems and provision of quality products.


Our main office is based in Gladstone, Queensland and is well located to service the needs of industry throughout Central Queensland. ESA Fire carries out its operations across all aspects of business ranging from small retail outlets to large mining, industrial and marine operations with specialised fire detection and fire protection systems. We are a registered contractor of the QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission), the FPAA (Fire Protection Association Australia) of Lloyds register for the service and provision of maintenance of international vessels and off shore marine work, carrying all relevant licences and insurances to cover our scope of operation.


We have a specialised and experienced team who are passionate about Fire Safety Solutions. We always endeavour to deliver our services on time, ensuring we meet and exceed client expectations. Most importantly our industry knowledge and qualified staff provide peace of mind that is imperative for business owners of fire protection equipment.


Fire is an ever present threat that can result in losses to lives, capital equipment and production. Adequate fire protection is a critical and serious necessity. ESA provides a range of fire protection products to prevent and further minimalise the devastating effects of fire.

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ESA Fire is committed to health and safety in the workplace and care of the environment. The company has established a Safety Management System and Environmental Management Plan for application on all work sites. We provide equipment compliance with Australian Standards and unequalled service through a qualified and experienced workforce dedicated to the protection of our client’s resources.


We are committed to identifying, recommending, installing and maintaining the best in “performance and suitability” based fire protection solutions.


We endeavour to service long-term relationships with customers as a result of our efficiency, reliability and technical superiority to achieve a planned growth in the fire protection industry market.

ESA Fire conducts business to ensure that our credentials and reputation are maintained by strictly complying with regulatory and legislative requirements, and the obligations of our WHES and Quality Management System. 


We aim to assess the impact of the organisation’s activities on the environment and to strive toward continual improvement of its environmental performances.

ESA Fire promotes the Health, Safety and Welfare of people at work, through development of safe work systems, procedures and policies. Undertaking regular reviews, safety meetings and trend analysis of statistical information related to targets, goals and objectives.

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Fire Mate


ESA Fire utilises a leading Australian owned asset management software system, which has been specifically designed and created for the Australian Fire Protection Industry in accordance with the Australian Legislation. We work closely with clients to align their approach to asset management to meet their strategic objectives. We help to optimise assets to ensure their reliability and to maximise their performance and ultimately reduce costs, ensure compliance and sustainability.


Managing customers assets with ease, tracking critical information such as pressure tests dates, flow rates, last inspection dates and more. From hydrants to hose reels, emergency lights to extinguishers, special hazards to sprinklers this system scheduler has been built specifically to handle all fire and life safety product disciplines.


Providing complete compliance reporting and consistency across our maintained portfolios.


In using this software to reduce paperwork and manual processing, we can concentrate on the important things in our business – The maintenance of your assets.


Your online customer portal provides you  with 24/7 access to test records, asset information, invoices, Annual Occupiers Statement and current defects. All Work and outstanding quotations can be approved directly from the portal.

Fire Equipment Supplies FAQs

With the risk a fire can pose, it is paramount that you have the right tools in case a fire breaks out. You’ll also need a complete understanding of fire equipment and how to use them, and our FAQs below should be able to help.

1. What type of fire extinguisher should I get?

We offer a range of fire extinguishers, the difference between them usually being the mechanism they use to extinguish a fire – whether it is water, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, or wet chemical. Each of these specialises in nullifying certain types of fire, so we stock them all – and it is vital to select one based on what type of fire you think would be most likely to emerge in your home.

Kitchen fires involving oil require the wet chemical extinguisher, electrical fires need the intervention of dry powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers; the dry powder is also used to suppress flammable gas fires. On top of this, flammable liquids can be dealt with using foam, dry powder, or carbon dioxide – while wood or paper fires can be put out by any other than carbon dioxide extinguishers.

2. How long do fire extinguishers last?

To a degree, this depends on the manufacturer, but all good fire extinguishers (including our own) last for at least ten years – this can be extended with proper maintenance. The extinguisher’s manufacturing date should be visible on the unit, either on the neck, near the base, or the middle of its body. However, if your extinguisher seems to be damaged in any way (even just slightly), it would be a good idea to get it serviced.

3. How often should fire extinguishers be serviced?

As mentioned above, you should service your extinguisher whenever you notice an issue, even if it seems minor. Otherwise, it should be serviced every six months – that may be more frequent than you expected, but failing to notice a fault could spell doom. A pressure test every 3-5 years is also recommended.

4. What fire equipment supplies do businesses need?

At least one type of fire extinguisher is vital – though you should have several types in good supply to cover all bases, and even fire suppression systems could be useful. Alarms and emergency lighting will be necessary for a potential evacuation. In addition, fire blankets are recommended for their ability to smother fires, and medical kits can assist with any injuries.

5. What’s included in a medical kit?

Our medical kits are customised to meet the exact requirements of a business – they can contain anything from snake venom extractors to defibrillators. Generally, they contain all sorts of bandages and dressings to help with injuries likely (or unlikely) to arise at the workplace. An incident report booklet is also included, as are thermal blankets, CPR face shields, and more.

6. Why choose ESA Fire?

At ESA Fire, we are devoted to what we do – we are fully accredited, fully passionate, and our equipment all goes above and beyond to comply with Australian standards.

7. How can I get a quote?

Simply contact us and we will sort out a no-obligation quote for you! 

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