Fire Suppression Systems

Gas Suppression Systems

Gaseous suppression systems are used as total flood systems to protect enclosures housing high valued irreplaceable assets or critical infrastructure where system downtime must be kept to a minimum. Their ability to rapidly suppress fire without the water damage traditionally associated with sprinkler discharges, gas suppression systems are also known as clean agent systems.

Systems generally consist of cylinder(s) of pressurised suppression agent connected to a reticulated pipe network with discharge nozzles located throughout the risk.

Gaseous suppression agents are generally broken into two categories – inert gas and synthetic gas.

Inert gas agents are naturally occurring agents and are stored under pressure as a permanent gas at pressures of 150, 200 and 300bar. Inert agents attack the fire triangle by lowering the oxygen level in an enclosure to the point where fire cannot be maintained but human life can be sustained.

Synthetic gas agents are stored as liquid under pressure and super pressurised with nitrogen. Synthetic gas agents interrupt the combustion chain process and absorb heat as their fire suppression mechanism.

We offer a full range of inert (IG55 / IG541) as well as synthetic (NOVEC 1230 / FM200) gas suppression systems for your project requirements.

When it comes to complete fire protection for high value property and assets, our inert or synthetic gas suppression systems can assist with quicker clean-up, keep downtime to a minimum, and reduce interruptions to business operations.

Vehicle and Fixed Fire Suppression

ESA Fire offers a range of specialist vehicle fire suppression systems to reduce the fire risk for your operators, vehicles and earthmoving equipment. ESA Fire Supply and Install systems which are are versatile, cost effective and designed to handle extreme operating conditions the system are developed and designed to minimise equipment installation and storage space while utilising environmentally friendly, fluorine free, foam concentrate.


FirePro fire suppression systems are compact, easy to install and not pressurised, making them a unique fire extinguishing solution for vehicles and plant. FirePro systems are currently protecting critical applications for numerous leading organisations around the world.


The autonomous fire detection and suppression system works by flooding a volume of space, such as a vehicle engine compartment, with a patented fire extinguishing agent of condensed aerosol. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment providing a cost-effective solution for vehicle engine compartments.

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