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All You Need to Know About Smoke Alarms in Gladstone

When a smoke alarm sounds, it warns you and your family that smoke is present, so you can all leave for safety or prevent the fire from spreading when it is safe to do so.

They are a vital part of any Queensland household, and you must have quality smoke alarms installed. Significant changes are coming to Queensland legislation on smoke alarms that all homeowners, landlords and people looking to build new properties need to be aware of.

This blog will explore these changes and what you need to know to be compliant – and safe.

What are the Updated Smoke Alarm Requirements?

As of 1 January 2022, all residential rental properties will be required to install interconnected smoke alarms. This includes having a smoke alarm in every bedroom, hallways that connect bedrooms, between bedrooms in the absence of a hallway and at least one smoke alarm on any level that does not have a bedroom.

Under the legislation, any smoke alarms over ten years old will need to be replaced with AS3786-2014 compliant photoelectric smoke alarms, along with any devices that fail to pass operating tests. By 2027, all other dwellings must be fully compliant.

smoke alarm gladstone

What is a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm?

Photoelectric smoke alarms very quickly detect smouldering and smokey fires. These kinds of fires are usually found in houses and domestic environments. The light source in a photoelectric alarm is pointed away from the sensor. The smoke causes the sensor in the chamber to reflect light, triggering the alarm.

How Do I Upgrade My Smoke Alarms?

The smoke alarm upgrades we provide include:

  • New smoke alarms
  • Labour to bring your dwelling up to code
  • Disposal of the old smoke alarms

How is the Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Fitted?

With its proprietary photoelectric sensor, Brooks Photoelectric smoke alarms quickly detect low-energy smoke particles. Brooks Alarms and accessories that are compatible with the unit communicate wirelessly via the pre-installed RadioLINK module.

Every 40 seconds, the unit also self-checks its chamber sensor, battery voltage, and internal circuitry. It will display fault conditions immediately.

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Smoke Alarm FAQ

All dwellings leased and sold will need to upgrade their smoke alarms to comply with the new legislation before Jan 2022. Landlords currently occupying their own property have until January 2027.

You will need to ensure that you have one smoke alarm in every bedroom of the house, any hallways leading to bedrooms, separate living spaces and at least one on every level of the house. These alarms need to be interconnected. Any alarms that are ten years old or fail an operational test will need to be replaced.

Having all smoke alarms interconnected provides you and your family with the best opportunity to evacuate the property, with all smoke alarms alerting you of the smoke and fire throughout, no matter what the location is giving you and your family peace of mind.