Bushfire In Australia

How To Prepare For Bushfire Season

While bushfire season may be an inevitable aspect of living in some areas of Australia, there are things you can do to help protect your home and family. Bushfires are dangerous and while there are many elements that you can’t control, there are many that you can. Rather than sitting back and kicking your heels, it is your responsibility to do everything that you can to reduce the risk to your home and your family. So, with bushfire season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how best to prepare your home and property for the possibility of bushfires impacting you.

Man Installing A Fire Detection System

Be Proactive

Rather than scrambling to try and protect your home and family when bushfires are nearly on your doorstep, you should always be proactive and aim to be prepared for every situation, well in advance. Taking the time now could potentially save your home and life later on. Consider taking some of the following steps in the lead up to the hot bushfire season:

  • Get rid of any excess garden debris such as leaves and sticks and keep your grass short
  • Update your fire detection system
  • Prune back trees and bushes and remove weeds
  • Maintain a well-watered lawn
  • Make sure your garden hose can reach all areas of the house
  • Keep garden beds moist or utilise non-flammable ground covers such as stone, concrete or pebbles
  • Store anything flammable or combustible such as woodpiles away from the house
  • Create a personal protection kit and keep it within easy reach if you must leave fast
  • Ensure that hydrants are easily accessible at all times
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan that the entire family knows
  • Regularly clear out gutters of combustible materials such as leaves and debris
  • Consider buying a portable pump
  • Enclose all open areas under your deck and house
A Raging Bushfire

What to Do in the Event of a Bushfire

If the worst is to happen and your property is in imminent threat of bushfires you and your family need to know what to do to get out safely. A bushfire is a terrifying situation so knowing how to react and what to expect could save your life. It is recommended that you should:

  • Stay calm
  • Stay out of the bush if there is smoke
  • Consistently check the outside of your home for sparks or embers that you can put out
  • Close your windows, doors and shutters
  • Have an evacuation plan
  • Collect water in buckets and bathtubs
  • Wet down timber decks, garden and trees if you can see the fires approaching
  • Always comply with directives if ordered to evacuate
  • Store your valuables and important documents off-site or in fire-resistant safes or have them ready to go if you need to leave quickly
  • Drink plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated
  • Do not stand on your roof with your hose – you are at more risk of being injured up here by falling off

Don’t Wait for the Worst to Happen

If you live in an area that is affected by bushfires, you should always plan ahead and keep your property prepared. Some careful planning and preparation work now can make all the difference if a bushfire does strike your region. Bushfires are a natural aspect of the Australian environment and as such, it always pays to know how to prepare for them. If you need a hand getting your property bushfire ready, we can help. Get in touch today  and let us help you protect your home and family.

Watering The Bush And Grass